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Forming in the Summer of 2016, Deep Valleys is a Christian Rock band based out of Buffalo, NY that has been gaining attention and praise everywhere they go. Transformed by their faith, they are committed to spreading the life-changing truth of the gospel of Jesus Christ through the platform of their music; and the example of their individual lives. With the release of their debut EP "The Call of the Void" in October 2017, the band has turned heads as they burst onto the New York music scene.

The powerhouse quartet of Brian Naus, Nick Arnot, John DeJac IV, and Mike BonGiovanni have teamed up to bring a unique skillset of style and many years of musical experience to the table. The band shares equal inspiration of Pop/Punk, Alternative Rock and Post-Hardcore, resulting in an impactful mix of head-banging instrumentals, catchy melodies, inspirational lyrics that you can't help but sing along to. Look out for them, they are taking the Christian Rock scene by storm.

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Brian Naus
Lead Vocals / Guitar
John Dejac iv
Guitar / Vocals
Nick Arnot
Bass / Vocals
Mike Bongiovanni
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