Radiant Heating

Lower Your Utility Bills With a Radiant Heat System

Radiant heat systems offer homeowners in Buffalo and throughout Western New York a variety of benefits, including:

Increased comfort. 
Temperatures are higher at floor level and decrease toward the ceiling with radiant heat. Since you live on the floor, not the ceiling, you'll feel warmer.

Lower energy costs. 
Radiant heat systems warm our bodies rather than the air. Therefore, you'll feel comfortable at a temperature set several degrees lower than with conventional heating systems. This saves you money on utility bills – an important factor considering the severity of Buffalo area winters.

Quiet, clean operation. 
There is nowhere for dust particles, allergens, and pet dander, etc., to collect – eliminating the need for duct cleaning.

Peace of mind.
There are no hot surfaces for children to touch and no baseboard heating units for them to fall on.

Warm & Fuzzy is a proud member of the Radiant Panel Association, the watchdog for the radiant heat industry and author of the approved techniques needed to deliver a properly designed and installed system.

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