Snowmelting is an Easier Way to Keep Your Driveway Safe & Dry

Imagine going through an entire Buffalo winter without having to shovel your driveway once, or waiting and hoping that your snow plowing contractor shows up. With a snowmelting system from Warm & Fuzzy Home Heating & Cooling, this dream can become a reality.

How a Snowmelting System Works

Warm & Fuzzy’s snowmelting systems melt snow and ice by circulating a water and antifreeze mixture through radiant tubing embedded in concrete or beneath brick pavers.

Benefits of Snowmelting

  1. Snowmelting is a proven strategy for making driveways and sidewalks dry and safe – even in extreme climates.
  2. Snowmelting eliminates piles of snow that build up over the winter, covering valuable parking space.
  3. The energy cost for snowmelting is typically less than snowplowing, shoveling, or electric cable snowmelt systems.

Snowmelting is especially useful under textured or colored concrete, brick, or stone, where snow removal equipment may damage the surface.

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